COOL SHOWS AND NEWS till the rest of 2010!

August 24th: The Minnesota State Fair, Fine Arts Show Preview from 7:30-9:30

August 27th: Beneath The Surface Closing Party at my studio from 7-10pm:

308 Prince Street Studio 411

Saint Paul, MN 55101

September: Golden’s Deli (underwater and portrait show) till late October

September 3rd: Lowertown First Friday’s at the Northern Warehouse in Studio 411

September 4th: Hopkins Center for the Arts- Off the Wall (Savoring Summer Photographs)

October 2nd: Patti’s Choice 2010 at Exhibition Robbin Gallery

October 8,9,10th: Saint Paul Art Crawl in the Northern Warehouse Studio 411

November 5th: Lowertown First Friday’s at the Northern Warehouse in Studio 411

November 12th: Go Live Show Opening (more info to come, lot’s of new work!)

December 3rd: Lowertown First Friday’s at the Northern Warehouse in Studio 411


This year has been good to me. On top of everything that happened before the summer, this fall and winter is shaping up to be very busy and fun as well.

First, I was accepted into the Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Show. It is such an honor and I am very excited to be a part of it.

Second, like last spring, I was chosen as one of the press winners for the fall Saint Paul Art Crawl with one of my Winter Beauty images, Mary Jane. The body of work will be printed large for the first time and in beautiful frames for the art crawl.

Third, I got to meet with Doug Beasley this week and oh my gosh, it was so GREAT! I loved talking with him and meeting with him because I admire his carrier. I really look up to him and think he is such a beautiful and phenomenal person.

Fourth, Patti Paulson is curating a show in Robbinsdale and I’m feel so privileged and honored to be one of the artist she selected to be in her “Choice” Exhibition Show. I can’t believe the line-up that is going to be part of the show.

Fifth, I’ve been so busy teaching. I’m working at IFP teaching like usual and love it as I always do. But I’m also teaching out of my studio and it’s picking up!  I have 5 independent students who I do personal lessons with and on top of that I am running my classes almost every quarter. It’s going so well.

Sixth, I did and underwater album shoot with a band called Lingua Luna. Their album is going to release October 8th during the Art Crawl Weekend. Check them out: Look for the new album photos below here and coming out soon!

Seventh, I have found the perfect intern and her name is Madeline Crew. She is an up and coming photographer from CVA and more than her photo awesomeness, she and I get along so well, it is creepy. I feel that other than working together, we’ll be good friends for a very long time and that’s where I want to be.

Anyways, this 2o11 I am looking to keep working in Minnesota, but I am also branching out and might have some really big, cool, news coming up here soon. So, hopefully next time I have good news, it wont be as long to get back to all of you. I hope all of you are doing well and look forward to seeing you sometime in the near future!

-Rhea Pappas-


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