Looking for Intern

Rhea Pappas is looking for an intern

What I need help with: Editing, shooting errands, picking up and dropping off film and orders, on location shooting, and answering emails.

Looking for: Student or beginning photographer who wants to learn how to run photo business, use photo shop, edit, and work as a photographer. I am also ok if you are a high school student or need to use this to get your college degree. Another thing I am ok with is working with people that like my work and would like to learn more about it.

Pay?: At this moment I do not make enough money to pay an intern outside of paid shooting gigs. When I get paid to shoot weddings or senior pictures and you come along, I always pay really well, about $100 for the shoot. Unless you are learning and not assisting, either way, lets talk if you’re interested.


One thought on “Looking for Intern

  1. I may be interested in something like this. I am a beginning photographer and think this would be a good way to learn.I first
    saw your work a couple of weeks ago after going to the Chanhassen with
    my wife to see Footloose. I thought your sister was great and checked
    out her website and saw your Photo’s. I live in Northeast Mpls and
    am going to try to get over to your show on Jackson.

    Thanks Don

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